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Here at D'May Entertainment we deliver exceptional entertainment that meets our clients needs and audiences desires!

Our international shows can be booked as a fly out, for various dates over a season or book one of our entertainment packages where we will create your very own personalised entertainment programme. Whatever you choose bringing D'May entertainment to your venue is a recipe for success, as our shows will attract an audience and promote your brand. 

What We Can Do

Fly Out - We can provide one off nights of entertainment for your cruise ship, event or hotel needs. If you are looking for something different and want an act that will go above and beyond expectation get in touch. 

Seasonal - Are you looking for an act to visit your venue on multiple occasions over the season, something unique that will attract an audience time and time again and leave the holidaymakers remembering your venue? Contact us to discuss our international teams and how we can work with you. 

Entertainment Programme - Let us take care of it all, after a preliminary meeting to discuss your requirements let us put together a jam packed entertainment programme for your venue to incorporate your requirements and enhance your guest experience. Once you are happy with the programme sit back and relax as we create your personalised programme, cast an incredible team who will deliver your entertainment exactly to your expectations, whilst you reap the rewards of happy guests and knowing you are in the hands of professionals and have an expert on call at all times. 

How It Works

The possibilities endless with our international entertainment! Get in touch with your requirements and we will arrange a meeting to talk further so we can create the perfect proposal that meets your needs and makes your entertainment dreams come true. 

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