Meet The Team


D'May Entertainment was created to be managed and ran by performers, therefore we have developed a team that have performed and worked across all sectors of the entertainment industry.

This is one of the main objectives of the company as this enables us to produce production shows and entertainment packages using a wide combination of skills, talents and industry experience to ensure our clients get the best entertainment every time.

Our team is more like a family and we operate in an open and transparent way as we believe this encourages creativity, this also allows our show teams and casts to feel in safe hands as we know what it is like to be a performer. This understanding is what drives us to create exciting and dynamic entertainment where our performers health and well being is front and central as we believe a happy team produce the best results and this coupled with our determination to be the best at what we do is what enables us to make our clients visions come to life.

If you can dream it, we can do it! 





Managing Director 


Sarah has performed professionally across the UK and Abroad and created D'May Entertainment to provide a unique service to clients, as a company that is ran by performers who know how to create exciting and engaging content and with vast experience across a variety of entertainment sectors. 

Sarah manages the company and works closely with our clients and creative team to produce first class entertainment, that brings our clients dreams to life.



Musical Director 


Owner of GingerDog Records Kevin has been in the industry working with a variety of artists and on various productions. Kevin creates our musical arrangements and works with our performers to bring our vision to life. We love creating new production pieces with Kevin, as bringing new ideas and unique vocal lines is what he does best. 

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Professional dancer on land and sea Ellie has an impressive resume from the Moulin Rouge, Cruise Ships & Vegas Showgirls. Ellie creates dynamic and impressive choreography that is designed and created especially for each event. Ellie is a key member of our team and a vital part of bringing our clients ideas to life as she manages the staging and movement pieces of our productions.

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Vocal Coach
Corinne has been with us from the very beginning and as a seasoned performer with vast experience she is a key part of what makes D'May Entertainment special. Corinne understands how our company works and along with performing she is a fundamental member of our creative team, keeping our performers on track vocally, managing vocal rehearsals and maintaining vocal health practise throughout our entertainment programmes creating a safe working environment.



Janet is a key member of our team and has been with us from the beginning, she therefore understands our values and believes no detail is too small when creating exceptional entertainment. Her passion for creating the perfect image and look for our productions is what makes D'May Entertainment stand out from the crowd. Janet brings our costume ideas to life, no idea is too big, she is dedicated to making our productions look amazing but also in making our performers feel amazing in their costumes.

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Managing all aspects of sound, lighting and production to ensure the best quality and visuals for all of our productions. Jonathan is a dedicated member of our team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things technical, along with a performing background which means she understands the importance of the production and technical elements coming together to create incredible results. Jonathan knows what makes a show look and sound amazing and works with our creative team to create the best visual and audio set up for audiences to enjoy. 



Keith handles the detailed organisation and implementation of our performers schedules and organises accommodation and travel via land, sea and air to enable the safety and punctuality of our performers to arrive at their destinations prepared and with all necessary documents. 
Keith is a vital member of our team and is pivotal in maintaining a tight schedule that enables our performers to be efficient, safe and punctual for our clients.



Associate Director ​
Scott is our main client liaison, identifying entertainment needs and attending site visits to allow our creative process to begin. 
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