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Who Are We

Representation With A Difference

Here at D'May Entertainment we have created our very own Casting Agency! After many years in the performing arts industry we have the connections to link our talented artists with amazing opportunities not only with us but with our trusted friends and colleagues across the world. 

What makes our agency different:



This means as an artist you are free to get your own work, and we will not take commission.

2) We run an entertainment company!

This means you will be put forward for our internal castings, AND as a perk of being represented by D'MAY, any job you secure that is a D'MAY project, you will pay ZERO commission to our agency! Your agreed fee is all yours!


3) Exclusive Commission Rates

Our commission rates will only apply to jobs secured with our trusted industry connections, which vary from one off events, cruise ships, seasonal contracts, holiday parks, theme parks and UK attractions.

4) We are performers too! 

Here at D'MAY our management team is comprised of performers with many years experience across all sectors of the entertainment industry. This means we know what it is like to be a performer and will always be on the other end of the phone and have your best interests at heart.  

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